Wednesday, May 18, 2011


I use my two gorgeous girls to model my dresses. The photoshoots usually are done pretty spur of the moment when I've finished a new design and I'm eager to get some pictures and a new listing up ASAP. I have a few studio lights I set up in the girls' room. I'll push their cribs out into the hall or out of the way and try to have them stand in front of the armoire in their room. I have the camera on a tripod, so I try to stay casual and chat with them while I secretly snap 500 shots. I've been able to get some really amazing shots this way.

This is not a post about those.

These are the shots that don't make it to the listings. The gag reel, if you will. Here are some of my favorite outtakes from past photoshoots. (I am in no way a professional photographer!)

The Shoving Match

Frightfully Offended


Oh the Humanity!

What's that smell?



A Chorus Line


Modern Dance?



Flying saucer spotting? (big brother crashed the shoot)

Abducted by aliens?


  1. very very cute Angela! so much fun for your children!

  2. i quite think the scifi one would be utterly adorable in a listing!