Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Sometimes, while I'm sewing, my kids play wonderfully together. Sometimes.

Other times they play wonderfully while working together to destroy re-arrange the house.

This is their misguided attempt at musical chairs. They apparently understood the game had something to do with chairs being back to back and decided to pair up every chair in the vicinity. Even their doll strollers were included. I counted seven sets of "musical chairs" here.

Their other favorite rearrange-the-chairs game is to make a train outside of my door.

Let's just pretend this is the extent of their shenanigans while I work. I generally am not quick to grab the camera to document the let's-dump-out-everything-we-own-and-make-the-house-look-like-a-toys-r-us-tornado-blew-though game.

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