Friday, June 3, 2011

Blossoms, Blisters, and a sneak peak

One of the last orders I did before moving on to the new designs for the shop was my cherry blossom dress. I designed this dress a long time ago, probably in the first few months of having my shop open. It was one of my favorite dresses, very intricate and detailed. I was only selling a few dresses a month for the first year so I had time to make such detailed dresses. Well, no one ever bought it until this March. March, when I was selling nearly a dress a day! ACK! I didn't re-list the dress after it sold and probably won't bring it back to the shop. Since this willl probably be the last time I make this dress I decided to take a few pictures along the way. I worked on the cherry blossom dress and another dress at the same time (both for the same customer).

Here are both dresses and the hats all cut out and ready to sew!

The applique. All 26 hand cut flowers and the tree trunk.

Very carefully placed each flower to exactly match the original dress. I laid them side by side so I could arrange the flowers in the same places. Whew!

This is where the blisters come in! I painstakingly stitched around each flower (with matching thread). They are so small, I had to  raise the presser foot after almost every stitch to reposition the dress. This took over 2.5 hours. Seriously. Blisters.

Ta da!!! All done! The bunny took all of 5 minutes to stitch on. I did both dresses in a day and a half. Woot!

Ahhhhhh. While I'm not in any hurry to make this again, I *might* just have to make one next winter for my own girls. I do love this dress.
 And now for the sneak peak!!! Here is about 6 yards of the fabric I'll be using on two designs. I already have 6 dresses cut out of this (plus another 11 cut out in two other fabrics!!) I'm doing a photoshoot on Sunday with the first 4 new dresses. Can't wait!


  1. beautiful Angela!! can't wait to see the new designs!!

  2. I love the cherry blossom dress - I was seriously contemplating buying it for my daughter when she's a bit older and doesn't grow out of her stuff as quickly...
    Very sad that it will not be relisted! Great blogpost, can't wait to see what you do with your new fabric!


  3. I'm sad it wont be re-listed too, it's such a beautiful dress! Great job! You are such an artist